Monday, February 23, 2015

Get glowing winter skin !

Facials are crucial to my feeling like I look good and I just truly love the ritual ... And while I posted my summer routine , I thought with all this snow on the ground I would show you how I get through the winter . As your face's needs are different when you are faced with cold winds and dry heat indoors. Which all can be very drying to your skin. So here I will share my go to winter fix for a fabulous complexion . 

I start by dry needling my entire face and neck all the way down to the décolletage. This step opens up the skin allowing the facial to really penetrate the face. Plus your body will produce new collagen to fill in the tiny holes thus plumping and firming skin. This also helps in removing old acne scars or pitting of any kind . 
Next I use a mild apricot scrub all over to really get in those pores and remove impurities . 

Follow this with a swipe of micellar water to catch anything you missed and to prepare the face for your mask . This solution also removes impurities without drying your already over dry winter skin. And it's fabulous to wash your face with every night as it gets in deep and cleans while removing makeup , even stubborn mascara. 

Apply your mask generously all over , right now I am loving one by Lush called brazen honey . It really moisturizes as it pulls out all the yuck . 

Then after it dries thoroughly rinse with warm water to open those pores up, and finish by applying an overnight moisturizer. I am loving Loreal's revitalift intensive overnight masque. 

And there you have it my secret to glowing winter skin! So go on and pamper yourself! You only get one face, might as well take care of it! 

Till next time my lovelies!!! Muah! 💋

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Best daytime mascara!!!

I found what I consider to be the best new daytime mascara! It left my lashes plush and soft and natural looking :) 

Muah ! Till next time my lovelies ...

Friday, February 13, 2015

The greatest winter moisturizer ever!

I don't know about you but i hate to come out of my nice warm shower into the cold bathroom without wrapping up in my nice big fluffy and uber warm robe. But trying to put on moisturizer while wearing a robe can be a beast.... And more times than not I end up skipping it altogether in favor of climbing into my warm sweats, lol.

So when I noticed Nivea's new in shower moisturizer I just had to try it, because i am sick of dry, tight winter skin. I did not have high hopes because the directions said to put it on in the shower and then rinse it off?!? How can it work if you rinse it off???

But let me just say I FREAKIN ❤️ IT! My skin felt amazing post shower and so , so soft! Buh-bye tight winter skin completely! And no need to try and shimmy around in a giant fluffy robe, which by the way looks like Bridget Jones trying to get into her girdle granny panties and ususally results in my falling over in a heap on my bathroom floor.

So unless you live where it is always warm (and if you so, I totally hate you right now....just kidding, kind of :) I can not recommend this product enough! Totally worth the $6 . Really!!!

Until next time my lovelies! Muah! 💋

Hello Kitty nails!

My Daughter wanted me to paint her nails (a very rare occurrence indeed) so I obliged with this Hello Kitty mani pedi.... Hope you like it my lovelies!!!! Muah!

Winged liner for dummies!!!!

I have always wanted to do the pretty retro winged eyeliner, or cat eye as it's sometimes called. I have tried every kind of eye liner and every kind of trick to get this right. Eventually i just began wearing a stick on eyeliner from Eye Rock designer liner. And while I liked these , they can be time consuming and expensive to get . As each package only comes with 4 sets and each are different.

So I heard of Benefit's new They're real push up liner, and it looked to easy to be true on all the ads and in store beauty posters. But being a huge fan of Benefit Cosmetics and all of their fun pretty packaging I decided to try it with the sample size (in case it sucked) .

It took me a moment to figure out how many twists it took to get the product to the tip of the magic marker looking tip. But I am not going to lie this product is Ahhhhh-mazzzz-ing! Seriously they should have called this Winged liner for dummies.

As you simply line the angled tip up at a 45 degree angle at the outside corner of your eye and pull it like a pen along your lashes. It will automatically hug your lashes with lil effort on your part and leave you with the perfect winged eye liner that lasts all day long. You can also hold the tip horizontally at the outside edge of your eye for a natural looking liner that simply enhances your natural lashes.

This is totally worth the investment as I have tried the cheaper usual brands that mimic this brands pen applicator and none of them were easy or held up for very long. So for dramatic eyes, especially if you wear this style often .....which you will totally want to once you try this! It runs $23 at ulta or sephora.

I hope you give it a try or found this helpful in your decision making to try this fabulous product! Muah! Until next time my lovelies!!!!

Pretty Pop Art Nails!

I got bored the other day and needed to change my polish, so i started with some foil nail stickers i had ( they were Rock Beauty manicure bar, a box that includes all sorts of fun mani embellishments) that looked liked words from a comic book. And i wanted to figure out a super fun way to use them, so I googled pop art/ comic book nails and found this awesome fun mani....

It definitely takes some patience but it is totally worth it!!! In fact this may be my favorite mani of all time.

You start with a solid pink nail, i used a like-Haley story by Nicole by OPI.

Next take a black polish meant for striping, I used stripe rite in black. You can find these at most drugstores or beauty supply stores pretty cheap.
Take the black striper and trace a thin line all the way around your nail. It does not have to be perfect , in fact imperfect looks so much more like actual comic book nails :) don't worry about mistakes getting on your skin, we will clean this up later :)

Let this dry and get your white striper ready for the next step ....
Take your white striper and draw a small accent line on one side of the nail, make sure to have the lines on the same side of each nail. Then add a lil dot right above your white accent line.

Let all of this dry really well, I waited 20 min or so. Next take a q-tip or stiff brush and use nail polish remover to remove any mistakes you got on your skin. Then you top it with your nail gel armor. I recommend painting the ends/tips of your nail first then paint over the entire nail.

This mani requires a fresh layer of topcoat every few days to protect the black outlines. But like i said it is so fun and definitely worth the effort! I have gotten so many compliments :)

Hope you enjoy this one and if you have any questions please comment below....hopefully soon i will be moving to tutorial videos to show you guys what I am up to :) until next time my lovelies! Muah!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Super festive christmas mani :)

For this really pretty and uber festive holiday mani I used the following colors ...
On a silver platter by Essie
Smokin hot by Essie
Pink armor nail gel
Insta dry in clear by Sally Hansen 

To start I chose which nails would have which colors , you guys know how I love to have at least one accent nail :) 
I painted all but 2 of my nails with the (on a silver platter) and absolutely loved the coverage I got . I only had to do 2 coats instead of the usual 4-5 with most glitters. 
Next I painted my 2 accent nails in the (smokin hot) and once again I was thrilled with the coverage . And I love the small detail oriented brush they use . 
Once the colors dried (about 10 min) I painted on a layer of my beloved nail gel armor . After waiting a few minutes I then laid on a coat of the insta dry . I do this to set my nails a lil more quickly. Then if necessary you can use a can of nail enamel dryer if you are in a hurry, but I reccomend waiting a few minutes, because if you spray it to soon or hold the can to close you will get unwanted bubbles in your mani , which I hate ! 

But overall this is super easy with major impact! Perfect for those holiday parties where you want to sparkle :) . The best part is it will compliment almost any outfit because in one light it's a bright sparkly gold and then in another light the large purple glitters stands out , it's like a two for one! 

But anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you would like to see video tutorials on YouTube , leave me a comment below ! 

Till next time my lovelies , muah! 💋x💋x